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Media Availability: Lt. Col. Allen West, ACRU Executive Director

Intolerance Leads to Cultural Suicide

The One-Way Tolerance Street is a Dead End

Naples, FL — Have you ever wondered which group is the most “extreme political organization in the United States?”

Perhaps the Ku Klux Klan? How about Antifa? Maybe the Weather Underground? Or what about the Westboro Baptist Church crowd? Nope. According to President Joe Biden, the most extreme political organization is “those MAGA people.”

ACRU Executive Allen West sees through this. “What Biden’s words convey to us is that any dissension from the leftist progressive ideological agenda is deemed extreme. And therefore, they are setting up the usual Marxist, socialist, playbook of demonizing their opposition. This is supposedly the tolerant left and the President who spoke of unity.”

The intolerance of the left seemingly knows no bounds. When they can’t convert hearts and minds to their ideals through the single, constitutionally-protected legislation process, they turn to other methods like judicial activism.

When the Supreme Court decided 7-2 that based upon individual privacy, a woman could murder an unborn child, the Left thought those seven white fellas were great. Now, the Supreme Court has had a draft opinion leaked on the Roe V Wade decision and the Left has resorted to bullying, intimidation, vandalism, and threats to stop the Court from moving this matter to the duly elected representatives in the states,” West adds.

Every American must take back all areas of life from the socialists—schools, colleges, private sector companies, nonprofits, government agencies and elected offices. We need poll workers and watchers, candidates, advocates, and every single mom and dad to get involved in taking back schools. Fight back against the woke socialist mobs at the management and board levels of businesses and nonprofits. Take a stand against vaccine mandates at your place of employment by fighting back against the crisis tyrants who strip away our rights one by one, using every “crisis” as an excuse.

We’ve got a country to save. Let’s get to it.

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