Ranked Choice Voting is a method of voting where instead of choosing just one candidate, voters rank candidates in order of preference. If a single candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes, then they are declared the winner.

However, if no candidate receives a majority, an automated instant runoff is initiated and the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, and their votes are redistributed behind the scenes based on the voters’ second choices.

If those voters did not specify a second choice, their votes are thrown out.

This process continues until one candidate has a majority of the remaining votes and is declared the winner. After the initial ballot is cast, the voter has no input in the process, regardless of how many instant runoff rounds occur. There is no concept of a traditional runoff election where voters can make new choices based on the new field of top candidates.

Proponents claim Ranked Choice Voting allows voters to express their preferences for multiple candidates and ensures that the ultimate winner is the candidate with the most overall support rather than just the one with the most first-choice votes. While this may sound nice in theory, in practice, it’s a scheme allowing candidates with a minority of voter support to win through mathematical technicalities.

  • Ranked Choice Voting is Complicated for Voters

  • Ranked Choice Voting is Complicated for Election Officials

  • Ranked Choice Voting Manufactures Winners

  • Ranked Choice Voting Favors “Backup” Candidates

  • The Ranked Choice Voting Process Tosses Out Large Numbers of Votes

No thanks...

”…the messages I received loud and clear from the people of Sandy was ‘Ranked Choice Voting? No thanks.’”

Monica Zoltanski
Mayor, Sandy, Utah

Tossed votes...

“58 percent of ballots were either discarded or spoiled in 2021’s Genola City Council Race, often because those voters failed to rank a second choice, according to the Election Transparency Initiative.”

Second place winners...

“In 2018, incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) lost to Democrat Jared Golden despite initially winning a plurality of first-place votes.”

Jason Snead
Honest Elections Project

Subversion of voter intent...

“The process subverts the will of voters by helping push out insurgent candidates who have majority support from their party’s voters for establishment-backed contenders who can’t win outright.”

The Federalist

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Why Oppose Ranked Choice Voting?

Together, we can stop any attempts of RCV being enacted in your town by letting your local representatives know how you feel.

Unlike federal legislation, where citizens’ concerns often fall on deaf ears, you can make a difference in your city and county.

Please join your neighbors and help us send the elite left a message that we will no longer tolerate them trampling on our rights. Sign the petition below, and we will make sure your representatives get the message.

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