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Enough of the Left’s ‘Threats to Democracy’ Rhetoric

Those Making Accusations Are The True Threat

Naples, FL — “Most often when someone, or a group, consistently and incessantly refers to others with certain disparaging, demeaning, and destructive accusations, it is because they are projecting their own behavior upon others,” observes ACRU Executive Director Allen West in his latest Townhall OPED. “This is the case with the repeated “threats to democracy” narrative that the progressive socialist left has been firing against anyone opposing their totalitarianism.”

West continues, “It began after that abhorrent speech by Joe Biden last year in front of the disturbing backdrop of Independence Hall. This empty assertion continues to be used by the left because, in their minds, it worked for them in the 2022 midterm elections. However, a precise and bold analysis will show that those on the left are the actual threats to our representative democracy in America . . . and remember, America is a Constitutional Republic.”

What are the real “threats to democracy” attributable to those making these hypocritical accusations? Let’s start with unsolicited mail-in ballots. Sent to often outdated and incorrect voter registration lists, this tsunami of potential votes is ripe for the simplest fraud scheme ever, as there are few, if any, real controls. Compound this problem with fanatical opposition to common sense fraud prevention procedures like voter registration roll reviews, signature verification, and unsecured ballot drop boxes, and we see the true purpose of the schemes clearly.

West continues, “The left is even attempting to change the manner in which we vote in America. Have y’all heard of this new effort called “rank choice voting?” This tomfoolery is akin to March Madness bracketology and far more complicated. Instead of one person, one vote, it is now one person ranking all candidates. Yep, the leftists want to eliminate the respective political party primary voting.”

We cannot continue to allow the progressive socialist left to dominate with their scripted talking points and absurd narratives. It is time we, constitutional conservatives, go on offense and attack their lies.


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